What Happens When Your Medical Billing Provider is Bought Out

Selecting providers can be tricky business. Most businesses go into supplier agreements after a lot of consideration and research. There are expectations that come from clients when deals are made, and changes in the suppliers business can mean changes to the service. Which, understandably, can cause alarm. 

One of the primary reasons businesses select certain suppliers to engage with is that they trust the solution they provide. When it comes to Medical Billing in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and London, part of that solution is exceptional customer service. We are a tight business community and premium service matters.

What Happens to Customer Service if Your Medical Billing Provider is Bought Out?

With any buyout, comes change, usually for the benefit of the business’s bottom line, but with some rocky steps in between for staff and customers. 

When a company gets bought out, there is often:

  • Change of personnel
  • Change of point of contacts
  • Service level impacts (service drops)
  • A period of confusion
  • A period of change
  • Changes to processes
  • Changes in culture.

Benefits of Working With Smaller Suppliers

The nature of big business is that the bottom line is always the number one priority. With buyouts comes changes to improve the business situation, which may not always enhance the condition of its customers. 

The benefit of working with smaller suppliers is that the number one priority is its customers. Director led businesses work on relationships. They get their hands dirty with the grunt work, and while being close to their customers, they don’t lose sight of the purpose of the business: supplying the best possible service to those they deal with every day.  

Image showing a personalised service with PMB

Anyone can provide medical billing services, but not everyone can offer the peace of mind that they will go the extra mile for their clients. 

Coming from a big medical billing business, Abdul and Dan bring the best of big business thinking to small business service. Premium medical billing, with customer service at its very core. 
If you want a medical billing supplier that can guarantee results, as well as hands-on service from the leaders at the helm, contact Premium Medical Billing today.