What Happens When Private Medical Procedure Demand Increases

After a year where the global pandemic has trumped the majority of health issues, it’s time to pause for a moment and consider what’s to come when the COVID situation begins to calm down. 

With vaccinations currently being rolled out, the long-awaited hope of returning to some form of normal is finally within sight. What that means for medical centres is a return in demand for private medical procedures, and when this demand comes in hot, you will want to have your processes firmly in place. Tried, tested, and ready for an increase in demand. 

Getting Your Processes in Place

As Spring and Summer are coming into sight, now is the time to consider what your medical practice needs to handle a surge in demand for medical procedures. 

Do you have enough staff on hand? And do you have systems and solutions in place to handle your medical billing? 

As practices get busier, the first thing to fall behind is administration, which can mean billing and collections. With no billing and collections, there is no revenue coming through, and busy doctors shouldn’t be spending their time on this when they have patients that need to be looked after. 

Establishing your billing and collections solutions now means avoiding missed collections down the track, which, if left unmanaged, could put your practice into a challenging position.

Medical Billing - We only charge on what we collect

Why Premium Medical Billing

Medical professionals should not be expected to be billing experts. We all specialise for a reason. Premium Medical Billing specialises in managing the medical billing services of medical professionals across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and London to ensure that invoices go out on the same day (as required under the CCSD coding guidelines), they are tracked by the best technology in the business, and they are collected on time. 

Premium Medical Billing helps medical practices to increase their net income by 30%, simply through better medical billing systems and a hands-on, personal approach to collection. 

Contact Dan and Abdul today to discuss how we can help you get ready for the upcoming increase in demand.

Billing & Collections can increase net income by 30%