About Us

PMB A Premium Billing and Collection Service

PMB offer the best practice billing service which is enhanced by our use of the latest technology, such as Healthcode.

With proven results, we have secured trusted partnerships with a large number of private medical specialists throughout the UK.

By offering a streamlined billing and collection service to all our clients, we can assure our medical coding is kept to CCSD standards. In addition, we have a successful history of collecting and completely reconciling backlogged accounts. We have achieved this by maintaining an excellent working relationship with major insurance companies and embassies.

Our tactics include a sensitive yet firm approach when collecting fees from self- funding patients, the collection of excess payments and any shortfalls. This allows for the funds to be gathered in a timely manner without affecting the reputation of the practice. As a result, our clients have seen measurable reduction in bad debts, which in turn has allowed for an increase in their cash flow.

This is achieved through our continuous excellent relationships with Major Insurance companies and embassies

Many medico-legal and medical experts have benefited from working alongside us, as we deliver on- time payments with successful fee and term negotiation. This allows for the medical professionals to focus on their core business needs.


• We charge our clients based on the amounts we collect

• Monthly reports are sent out for all payments received

• We send an electronic submission of invoices to our private medical insurance companies

• Self funding patients receive a paper and email format of any invoice, in addition to a text message reminder

• Full coding of all medical procedures to CCSD standard

• Collection of all accounts from private medical insurance companies and self-funding patients which includes any shortfalls or excess

• Reconciliation of all payments received

• Patients can pay with ease as we accept most debit and credit card providers

• We store all documentation electronically with security encryption

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